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Q: What are the 4 ancient cultural hearths?
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What are the three cultural hearths of the US?

it is china

What are the two cultural hearths in Middle East?

The Middle East contains 2 cultural hearths. The first was in Mesopotamia, the part of present-day Iraq between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. The second was in Ancient Egypt along the southern portion of the Nile River.

Where were the earliest cultural hearths located?

in the middle east.

When attempting to make connections between ancient civilizations and world cultures today historians study what?

Historians study cultural hearths to make connections between ancient civilizations.

What did four out of the five cultural hearths have in common?

someone plz answer

What rivers are the ancient river hearths on?


What are some new traits of culture?

what new traits of cultural charactized the early hearths

What are the four major culture hearths?

The four major cultural hearths are Nile Valley, Indus Valley, Wei-Huang Valley, and Mesopotamia. There are also the earliest known ones.

What is the definition of independent invention?

The term for a trait with many cultural hearths that developed independent from each other.

What cultural hearths is where the Indus Valley Civilization started a. China b. Egypt c. Pakistan?


Why are Central America and the Andes Mountains around Cuzco cultural hearths?

they brought tribes under their control and built a great empire

What kind of stoves did the ancient Greeks use?

Ancient Greeks didnt have stoves. They used hearths. Basically a bunch of hot embers in a fireplace to cook on.

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