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Q: What city in southeastern Europe was the cultural center of ancient civilization?
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What city in southeastern Europe was the cultural center of an ancient civilization?

Constantinople, now known as Istanbul.

Where is the location of ancient greece?

The ancient civilization of Greece was located in southeastern Europe along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

How did German civilization cultural capital of Europe fail?

German civilization in the cultural capital of Europe failed because of the failure to develop national monarchies in Germany.

Sentence for Civilization?

ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Europe are civilizations

What ancient civilization were located in southern Europe?

Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece are all ancient civilizations of Southern Europe

What country in south eastern Europe was the culture center of ancient civilization?


What ancient culture was found on Crete?

The ancient civilization of Minoans that was also Europe's first civilization ( King Minos, Minotauro myth etc), (c. 2700-1420 BC).

What island the center of the most ancient civilization in western Europe was known for its frescoes?


Is the Caspian sea in northwestern Europe or southeastern?


The third wave of immigration came mostly from where?

Eastern and southeastern Europe

Water systems that contribute to ancient Greece's livelihood?

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe. Water systems that contribute to ancient Greece's livelihood was trading through sea.

What civilizations shaped early Europe?

The first known civilization in Europe was the Minoan Civilization during the Bronze Age. It is believed to have formed in 2,700 BCE and lasted until 1,500 BCE. The first advanced civilization in Europe was Ancient Greece, lasting between 800 BCE and 600 CE.