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The characteristics of civilization are structure to support a group. Social, economic, educational, and political structures for the greater good. Mesopotamia was the first civilization.

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Civilizations are characterized by a social, political, and educational structure. The first civilization was formed in the Fertile Crescent region of Mesopotamia.

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Q: What are the characteristics of civilization and where did they arise?
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What are characteristics civilization?

three characteristics of early civilization are education, stable government, and protection.

What are the characteristics of the aryan civilization?

that its a great and organized civilization.

Why three states of matter arise?

The particles of matter arise due to variation in the characteristics of particles of matter .

How do the characteristics of Maya civilization compare with the characteristics of a typical civilization?

1+1=2 1x1=1 isnt that werid

What civilization was the first arise in ancient Greece?

The Minoan Civilization on Crete, arose from about 3000 BCE. The Mycenaean civilization on mainland Greece, arose from about 1550 BCE.

What were some of the characteristics of civilization?


What are the characteristics of Egyptian civilization?

the major characteristics is that it is located by the Nile river.

What are 7 characteristics of a civilization?

The 7 characteristics of civilization are Stable Food Supply, Social Structure, Religion, The Arts, Government, Technology, and Writing.

Why are the seven characteristics of civilization important?

The seven characteristics of civilization are important, because without them people couldn't co-exist with each other.

What were the common characteristics of early civilization?

The common characteristics of early civilization areDeveloping citiesOrganized governmentFomalised religionSocial classesRecord keeping & writingArt & Architecture

Where the first civilization arise?

The first civilization arose in the Nile delta in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and then spread to Mesopotamia at the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

What are the 5 characteristics of Civilization?

The 5 Characteristics of a Civilization are listed below:Stable Food supplySpecialization of LaborSystem of GovernmentSocial ClassesHighly Developed Culture