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three characteristics of early civilization are education, stable government, and protection.

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Q: What are Characteristics of civilizations?
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What are the 3 characteristics of an empire?

It has a Central ruler, it expands and has multiple civilizations.

Which characteristics distinguished the first civilizations from earlier human?

Social classes

Job specialization advanced cities and technology and complex social institutions are all characteristics of which of the following?

A. Regions B. Civilizations C. Continents D. Biomes

What are seven characteristics of civilizations?

The seven Characteristics of civilizations are:Art and architecture, Government, Religion, tools and Technology, Economy, Surplus food and Social structure.A ArnoldT toldR ReginaG "goodE eggsS stopS stupidity"

What were some characteristics of the Nubian civilizations?


What were characteristics of ancient river valley civilizations?

social equality

What are characteristics of early civilizations?

three characteristics of early civilization are education, stable government, and protection.

Cities governments religion social structure writing and art are?

Six characteristics of civilizations

What were common characteristics of early civilizations?

The common characteristics of early civilization areDeveloping citiesOrganized governmentFomalised religionSocial classesRecord keeping & writingArt & Architecture

What characteristics did the Aztec and incan native Americans have in common that helped them to develop advanced civilizations?

respect for nature

What do the five characteristics of civilizations develop into?

Growth of cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, writing and advanced technology.

What are the major characteristics of civilizations?

Actually there are only 6 characteristics. - Stable Food Supply - Social Classes - Government - Culture (Religion, tradition etc..) - Specialized Labor - Language