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Sometimes ancient Egyptians just had bare feet. However they did wear sandals made out of straw or leather.

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Q: What did men and women wear on their feet in ancient Egypt?
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What did men and women wear on there feet in ancient Egypt?

Most people went barefoot. Sandals were worn made from papyrus or leather.

What type of food did the Nobleman of Egypt wear?

Nobles in Ancient Egypt did not wear food; they ate it.

Did slaves wear make-up in ancient Egypt?

no they did not wear it

What did princesses in ancient Egypt wear?


What did Nile people in ancient Egypt wear?

not much

What did ancient chaldeans wear for clothing?

They mainly wore a long white tunic that reached down to there feet. The women would wear it with one of there shoulders revealed.

What shirts did the ancient Egypt wear?

they didn't wear shirts because of the extreme heat

What do the girl wear when she gets married in ancient Egypt?

They dont wear anything! but socks

What was the make up Egyptians wear around their eyes?

men women and children of ancient Egypt put on a cosmetic to darken the rims of their eyelids what is the cosmetic called?

Similarities between ancient Egypt and modern Egypt wears?

They wear what anyone in the Middle East else wear (with some other customs).

What did the wives of the ancient Egypt's pharaoh wear?

They wore skintight dresses.

What did the military of ancient Egypt wear?

they wore linen, or animal skins