What did rich people wear in Ancient Greece?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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rich people in ancient Greek wore necklaces bracelets made out of gold they had every kind of jewelry in gold and Ruby's diamonds

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what did poor people wear in ancient geece

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2 main garments and sandals

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Q: What did rich people wear in Ancient Greece?
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Did people in ancient Greece wear some kind of specific clothes?


What did rich girls wear in ancient Greece?

A lot of jewlery, make up and nice clothing unlike the slaves who sometimes wore nothing.

What do the athletes wear in ancient Greece?

the Greece people wore nothing to be honest i watched a movie and they sed they don't wear anything. so yeah they don't wear nothing! NOTHING

What did they wear in ancient Greece for the Olympics?

they were naked

What did homer from ancient Greece wear on his head?

a helmet

What did ancient Greece gods wear?

togas and battle skirts

What is the typical dress for most of the people of Greece?

If you mean ancient Greece, than a typical thing guys would wear would be togas and sleeveless dresses for women

What clothes did men wear in ancient Greece wars?

they wore armor

What clothing types did ancient Greece wear?

skirts and so did men

What are the Greece clothes called?

People in modern day Greece wear western-style clothing (t-shirts and jeans, business suits etc.) just as the rest of the modern world does. If you are referring to Ancient Greece, people in those times wore chitons.

What kind of clothes do ancient Greece people wear?

the guys wear a dress over the knees and the women has to wear a dress and it has to covers every part of her body the dress has to be till her foot the dresses are called chitons

What do people in Greece wear?

they wear shorts and t shirts because it is so hot in greece