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Roman soldiers were defeated by the Visigoths and Rome was forced to give land to the Visigoths

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Hadrian's wall was built

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Q: What happened at the Battle of Adrianople?
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In which battle did Valens fight the Visigoths?

the battle of adrianople

When did Battle of Adrianople happen?

The Romans arrived at the site at 2.30 pm. The Goths started negotiations to delay things until the Gothic cavalry arrived. The battle ended at nightfall. Therefore, it must have lasted just a few hours.

Who was killed in the battle of adrianople?


Which side lost the battle of adrianople?

The goths won

The Battle of Adrianople was fought between the .?

visigoths and Romans

Battle name of 378 of Romans?

Adrianople 378 CE.

What was the Battle of Adrianople?

first time Rome was defeated in 800 years

What battle In was regarded as one of Rome's worst defeats?

The battle of Adrianople was one of Romans worst defeats.

What were some of Valens's accomplishments?

He was most known for his defeat, and death at the Battle of Adrianople

How did the battle of Adrianople affect the fall of Rome?

it made all of the soilders weak

Why was the battle of Adrianople decisive battle?

because it marks the beginning of Germanic invasions into the Roman Empire on a massive scale.

Where did the visigoths defeat the Romans in one of the most important?

The Visigoths defeated the Romans at the Battle of Adrianople in 378. This was the second worse defeat in Roman history. Adrianople was near modern day Edirne, in European Turkey.