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NOthing, lol.

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Q: What is an fact about Abu Simbel?
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What date were the temples of Ramses II built at Abu Simbel?

the Abu Simbel was moved a higher groundd fromm whenn it was buildd (1964-1966) becausee theyy wantedd too avoidd the Aswann Highh Damm[:

How tall are the four statues in front of Ramses II Temple at Abu Simbel?

they are 65 feet tall and weigh 2.5 million pounds

What is the Abu Simbel Temple?

The Abu Simbel Temples were built by Ramses II in 1274-1244. They were built as a monument to himself, his reign and his favorite wife Nefertiti. In the 1960's UNESCO relocated to escape the rising waters of Lake Nasser.

Which Is the oldest -- The Abu Simbel or Stonehenge?

Recent archaeological investigations have shown that Stonehenge was built on the same site as a much earlier structure of earth and timber, dating to 5,000 years ago.The Temples at Abu Simbel date to early in the reign of Ramesses II, about 1280 BC or about 3,291 years ago.The site and use of Stonehenge is therefore much older, but its stone circles were not completed until about 3,800 years ago.

Was Ancient Egypt an advanced civilization?

Yes far more than most. Some examples are -at Abu Simbel, the light shines in through a passage and illuminates his face, but only on his birthday.When Abu Simbel was moved, modern technology was unable to get the date of illumination as perfectly right as the Ancient Egyptians did. -The beautiful tombs, temples, pyramids, statues and finds are all incredibly beautiful -They had good farming techniques -They had good battle techniques

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What are some top Abu Simbel hotels?

There are a few top Abu Simbel hotels. Some of these include Seti Abu Simbel Lake Resort, Nefertart Abu Simbel, Nobaleh Ramsis Hotel, and Nefertari Hotel Abu Simbel.

Is abu simbel a big city?

Abu Simbel is a smaller city.

When was the temples of abu simbel built?

The temples of Abu Simbel was built in 1257BC

Who is the Accomplishment is the geat temple of abu simbel?

Ramesses II is the one who had Abu Simbel constructed

What is the airport code for Abu Simbel Airport?

The airport code for Abu Simbel Airport is ABS.

What color is abu simbel?

the color of abu simbel is redish brown, but it sometimes appears orange.

What is the Temple of Abu Simbel?

The Abu Simbel Temples are two big rocks situated in Abu Simbel, Nubia in Egypt. They were carved out of a mountainside during the rule of Ramesses II.

What is the distances between Abu Simbel and the second cataract?

what is the distance between abu simbel and the second cataract? 100 kilometers

Where is Abu Simbel?

Bottom of Egypt

Where is Abu Simbel located?

Abu Simbel is located in South Egypt on the western bank of Lake Nasser, 290km southwest of Aswan.

What is the distance between abu simbel and the second cataract?

The distance between Abu Simbel and the Second Cataract on the Nile River is approximately 300 kilometers (186 miles).

What Egyptian Pharaoh undertook the Abu Simbel?

The pharaoh who built Abu Simbel was Rameses the second.