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Paris The Son Of Priam Who Was The King Of Troy At The Time

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Prince Paris, son of King Priam.

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Q: Who was the Prince of Troy who stole Helen in mythology?
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Who stole Helen?

Paris, a prince of Troy, stole Helen from Menelaus (Agamemnon's brother)

Prince of troy who stole Helen away?

Prince Paris of Troy seduced Helen.Paris of Troy

Who was chosen to be Helen's husband from the Trojan war?

Prince Paris of Troy stole Queen Helen from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta.

Why was Helen of troy called as Helen of troy?

because she cheated on her husband with the prince of troy

What cowardly prince stole the wife of Menelaus in greek mythology?

He was Paris, a prince of Troy. He was not at all cowardly, eventually killing super-hero Achilles in battle during the Greek attack on Troy. And he didn't steal king Menelaus' wife Helen, she went of with him very willingly, bringing along a lot of the family wealth to make her new life with Paris all the more enjoyable. When the Trojans offered to give Helen back, the Greeks asked what about the treasure she took. The Trojans said no way, just the woman who was quite expendable, but not the money, so the siege continued.

What has the author Helen Maria Ashdown written?

Helen Maria Ashdown has written: 'Helen of Troy in Greek literature from Homer to Euripides' -- subject(s): Criticism, textual, Greek literature, Helen of Troy (Greek mythology) in literature, Helen of Troy (Greek mythology)in literature

Who was the Trojan prince who kidnapped Helen of troy?

Paris kidnapped Helen and brought her back to Troy.

Why was Helen called Helen of Troy?

She was queen of Sparta, but taken to Troy by the Trojan Prince Paris.

Who eloped with Paris in greek mythology?

Helen of Troy

Who was the Trojan prince who fell in love with Helen and brought her back to troy?

Paris Prince of Troy

How was Helen lured away by Troy in Greek mythology?

She was enamored of visiting Trojan prince Paris, and ran away with him, looting the treasures of Sparta to take with her.

Who is a person who stole Helen and took her to troy?

greek and roman mythologies