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because it can be dangerous to the nurse or doctor either one

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Q: Why are autopsies not often performed on mummies?
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Do morticians perform autopsies?

No, a mortician is a person educated in the preservation and proper disposal of human corpses - they often have a college degree but are not medical professionals. Autopsies are performed by medical doctors.

Are fewer autopsies being performed?

Fewer autopsies have been performed in the United States during the past 10-20 years

When are autopsies performed?

Autopsies are performed whenever there are unanswered questions about the cause of death. From TV detective shows you may think this is just for "suspicious" deaths but they may be performed in medical deaths to identify the cause of death or contributing problems. Autopsies can also estimate the time of death.Animal deaths can also require autopsies to determine if causes like pollution or parasite infestations led to the death. In the cases of illegal hunting (poaching) the investigation might be used for clues as to the poachers identity.

The method Leonardo used to learn about human anatomy?

He studied and performed autopsies in cadavers.

Do autopsies require permission?

In the USA, they are usually required by law if there is foul play or suspected foul play.

Where are autopsy done at?

Autopsies are usually performed in the morgue of a hospital, or at the coroner/medical examiners office. Decades ago, they were also performed at mortuaries, but that's rather rare today.

Are autopsy performed on each person who dies?

Autopsies are not performed on every person who dies. They are typically conducted when the cause of death is uncertain, suspicious, or in cases where it can provide valuable information for medical research or legal purposes. Autopsies are also sometimes requested by family members for closure or to confirm a suspected medical condition.

Do religions ban autopsies?

Some religious groups prohibit autopsies

What is the importance about mummies?

the mummies were important because it let the egyptians believe that whom they mummified (often Pharoahs or other rulers) would be going to the after life

Are autopsies covered by insurance?

Autopsies are not normally covered by insurance companies or Medicare

What are reasons for performing an autopsy?

To determine the cause of death... this is done occasionally at the request of the family member, but mostly autopsies are performed on murder victims. Also suicide victims... anything where foul play is suspected. Medical students also do autopsies sometimes to learn the art.

What are the reasons for not doing an autopsy on the pope?

Autopsies are not prohibited but permission of the Curia must be obtained. An autopsy would only be performed if there was no obvious cause of death.