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It was trendy and protected them from the sun. It is that simple.

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Q: Why did the ancient egyptians wear makeup?
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What was the first makeup?

The eyeliner of the ancient Egyptians.

What did the ancient Egyptians wear for makeup?

Ancient egyptians used kohl as eyeliner and to darken their eyelashes and eyebrows. Henna dye was used to color their lips and nails hope that's good enough for you:)

Where did makeup start?

Egypt Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were the first people to wear it

What are the dimensions of an ancient Egyptians makeup kit?

50 - 60

Did ancient Egyptians wear underwear?

No the ancient Egyptians i believe did not wear anything under there clothes. such as under wear or bras. Very good question .

Why did Egyptians wear makeup?

Egyptians wear make up not like we do today instead they wore paint.

Did cleopatra wear makeup?

Yes, Cleopatra more than likely wore makeup because ancient egyptians did wear lots of makeup. Probably like an old type of mascara and eyeliner and some sort of colorful crushed up as eyeliner.

Did the ancient Egyptians wear jewelry?


Did Ancient Egyptians wear perfume?


What did ancient egyptians wear to festivals?


Did ancient Greek people wear makeup?

Yes, ladies in the ancient Greeks period did wear makeup but only lightly because they liked pale-ish skin

What makeup did Egyptians wear?

They wore eyeliner, and eye shadow & blush for the richer people.