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They came with Napoleon Bonaparte who had invaded Egypt.

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Q: Why were French scholars in Egypt in 1790's?
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What event of the 1790s left the deepest scar on American political and social life?

the French Revolution

What encouraged the intense political loyalties 1790s?

The intense political loyalties in the 1790s were on the Revolution in France. The war was between reformers and those who reset the application of French principles.

How did the scholars learn much about ancient egypt?

the rosetta stone. the rosetta stone helped scholars work out a lot about ancin=ent egypt it was decoded by champollion

Did the french use french franc in the 1920s?

Yes, the franc has been the national currency unit since the 1790s, right after the French Revolution, until 1999, when the euro replaced it.

When was French University in Egypt created?

French University in Egypt was created in 2002.

What is the motto of French University in Egypt?

The motto of French University in Egypt is '"Faites la différence"'.

How do scholars traditionally divide the history of ancient Egypt?

history for ancient Egypt is divided into dynasties which are 100 year segments

Why Compare A Tale of Two Cities with the french revolution?

A Tale of Two cities is set in the French Revolution. The two cities are London and Paris, and the action of the plot takes place in the 1790s.

How did mutinies affect the French and Russian army?

the Egypt

The discovery that allowed scholars to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics was .?

The Rosetta Stone that was discovered in 1799 was used by the scholars to understand hieroglyphs of Egypt. The success of the decoding was by Jean-François Champollion.

How did the country Egypt become french speaking?

Egypt was colonized by France in 1798 under Napoleon Bonaparte's rule. While French influence declined after Egypt became a British protectorate, French remained an important language of diplomacy, education, and culture due to Egypt's history of colonization and shared cultural ties with France.

French scholars followed the lead of the Renaissance movement from what country?

French scholars followed the lead of the Renaissance movement from Italy. Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance, a cultural movement that emphasized a revival of classical learning and wisdom. French scholars were inspired by Italian ideas in art, literature, philosophy, and science during this period.