Artist Jennifer Lester's Birthplace

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Visual Artist Jennifer M. Lester, or Jen Lester, is an American painter, born in Norfolk, Virginia (Eastern central coast of the USA). Her ethnicity is not completely known, and some mystery surrounds her life and family, for unknown reasons.

The artist has lived extensively outside of the USA, however, which has confused many people, often thinking she is not American.

The artist has used other surnames publicly to title her artworks, such as Bernard, and Swiderski.

Jennifer Lester is notably a 'visionary' or symbolist painter, and her images have ranged from realism into abstraction, with a very distinctive style of motion, lines, swirls, and abstract elements in her art.

Like many artists, J Lester has had a turmoiltious life, and has endured several tragedies, including losing both parents.

The artist is self taught, and rumored to be a genius.

Jennifer Lester has 2 bodies of work, which she is devoted to both. collectors or followers of one body of work are often surprised to learn about the other.

In 2003, the artist was featured in the 'Brave Destiny' art show in NewYork, where her painting 'Emerge' a large acrylic on wood panel painting hung along side Artwork by Dali, and H.R. Geiger.

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Q: Artist Jennifer Lester's Birthplace
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