Oil painting artist

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There have been thousands of them. Practically all painters from the 1400s up to our time have used oil paint.

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Q: Oil painting artist
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Who is Davidi the artist?

I am trying to research this artist. I have an oil painting of the Champs E'lysse in the rain.....????

Who is the artist cien I have an oil painting of three little girls sitting in a meadow signed cien. Does anyone know anything about the artist cien?

I also have an amazing painting by the artist David H. Its a wall size oil painting of magnolias. Have had it for almost 15years.Would love to know about this artist as well.

Who is 'W Chapman' oil painting artist?

William Ernest Chapman an oil artist born in Altmar NY in 1858. Studied in Chicago. He is known for interior, figure and landscaping painting.

What is an artist painting tool?

A brush. Or a palette knife if using oil

Who is letterMan an oil painting artist?

I believe it is a woman named Antoiett.

How do you find an artist to fix a Homer Costello oil painting?


What important method was developed by northern Renaissance artist?

Oil Painting was developed by Northern Renaissance Artist.

Who was the Northern Renaissance artist who developed oil painting techniques?

Jan Van Eyck

What is the name of the artist that painted the oil painting named Ready for the Hunt?

She is Sophie Anastasi.

How can you tell the difference of a very old oil painting on canvas versus a reproduction?

The original painting should have the artist's signature, and maybe you can even spot the brush strokes or the artist's fingerprints. Most of the reproductions don't have the artist's signature.

Who is w Chapman you have an oil painting signed w Chapman?

i have oil painting of a dark lane with w cha[man signed in corner

Where can you have your family photo made into an oil painting?

Do you mean a real hand-painted oil painting? If yes, you can have a look at this site, ,you can upload your photo onto this site and do the steps as instructed; their artist will paint a painting for you.