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Michigan most famous art He is a man of Art, Energy, and Emotion. Ladies and gentlemen, in question is the true artist full of creativity and imagination. He is the man of many talents who holds several world records. He is one man who imagines a canvas to be over 2-miles long, he simply works on it over 20 hours daily for 38 days and wins the Guinness World Record. Besides, he paints the largest professional oil painting. It doesn't end here, he is the world's fastest painter, and builds the world's largest sculptures. He is a prolific artist who has drawn thousands of drawings and painted thousands of paintings in many styles and techniques. He is the subject of many art controversies. He gets buried alive, jumps from tall towers, hangs from building tops just to make paintings. He is the controversial artist that transcended into an ArtGuru. In the Michigan art scene, this man needs no introduction. He is no other than Michigan's most famous artist-- ArtGuru.

Born as Gurmej Singh and know as ArtGuru says, “Becoming famous is not like waking up one fine morning, and the miracle--you are famous.” ArtGuru is a very unique individual, and his stories are the real profiles of his uniqueness. As an artist, he stands out. He is not typical!

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Artist SinGh

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Artist SinGh

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ArtGuru is the famous artist from Michigan

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Q: What famous artist is from Michigan?
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