What famous painters died in 1992?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Francis Bacon, Mordecai Ardon,

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Q: What famous painters died in 1992?
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Which painters became famous postmortem?

There are many painters that became famous post mortem. Some are El Greco, Henry Darger, and Paul Penils. These painters all were famous after they died.

Famous painters start with letter M?

Michelangelo Buonarroti and Claude Monet are famous painters. Rene Magritte and Berthe Morisot are famous painters.

Was rembrandt van rijn more famous after he died?

Yes, like many great painters.

What are the most famous home painters?

The most famous painters is Picasso, Giotto,Botticelli,Rembrandt.

Where can you find pictures of some famous painters?

Click link below for a gallery of all the famous painters!

What famous painters used a pseudonym?

the famous painters that used pseudonym was henri matisse and jackson pollock

When was Red House Painters - Bridge - created?

Red House Painters - Bridge - was created in 1992.

Are there any famous painters in India?

there are many famous painters in of them is raja ravi varma & jamini roy

Are painters famous?

Some are some are not.

Where can you find information on famous painters?

When looking for information about famous painters the required information relating to the specific artists that are of interest may be found on such sites as Famous Painter, Wikipedia, The Art Wolf and many other websites that offer information on historically famous and as well as current painters.

Who are some famous painters from Peru?


What are some famous painters of Nicaragua?

Erick Blandon