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Q: What is the name of a painting done on two panels?
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What is A two paneled painting called?

It is called a triptych. They were common in middle ages religious art. Two panels is called a diptych.

What is a panel in painting?

A panel is generally a unit that makes up a multi-piece painting. If the painting has two panels, it is called a diptych. Three panels would make it a triptych. One of the reasons they may be called panels is that they may predate the popular use of stretched canvas and be painted upon wood panels.

What was the name of raphael's painting with the two baby angels?

Sistine Madonna

What type of painting is 'Two Dancers in the Studio' by Edgar Degas?

It is a bronze sculpture with textile clothes added.

What is the name of two insulators?

Insulators in electricity can be glass or ceramic.Insulators in heating can be polystyrene or fibre panels.

Who painted an oil painting of two zebras by the name Fini?

Victor Vasarely

Will pictures of deceased and paintings of dead people watch you like in Ghostbusters two?

There is a style of painting that causes the optical illusion that a painting is watching you no matter where you stand. It is, however, a phenomenon that happens at the time the painting is done, not at the time of the death of the subject.

What were the names of the artist who creaded these two painting and when was each painted?

what were the name of the artist who creade these two paniting and was each painted

How do you put the puzzle together on astro knights island?

To flip all of the puzzle panels, you have to press 10 of the 20 panels exactly once :all four panels on the 2nd rowthe middle two panels on the 3rd rowall four panels on the 4th row

What is the name of the painting in Felicity episode One Ball Two Strikes?

According to the DVD commentary on this episode, it was a prop made for the show and not an actual painting. Hope this helps!

What two advances in renaissance painting techniques?

two advances are sculpting and painting

What is the difference between a print and a painting?

A painting is a piece of artwork that is either an original done by the artist, or a simulation that is made to look like an original. in contrast, a print looks more like a two dimensional picture of something.