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1976, was when the painting "Self Portrait in the Studio" was created (with the nude woman, mainly blue painting and Sydney in the background.

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Q: What period is Brett Whiteley's 'Self Portrait in the Studio' from?
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What is the importance of Brett Whiteley's art?

brett whiteleys art is impotant because he painted it him self and they all mean somthing to him and that he loved painting and drawing

What did Brett Whitely do?

Brett Whitely is an Australian artist. He won several prizes such as the Archibald PRize. One of his famous paintings is the "Self portrait of studio"

Where did Brett Whiteley use Chinese calligraphy?

Whiteley used Chinese calligraphy evidently in his 'Self Portrait in Studio 1976'

What techniques did Brett whiteley use in self portrait in the studio?

many techniques were used in his painting "Self Portrait in the Studio". Brett Whiteley, like most artists, often painted with oil paint on canvs. But he often mixed different techniques like for instance oil, paper, graphite and tempera on plywood. The types of mediums used in Brett Whiteley's paintings was mainly oil and the colour blue as he really liked the standing out of the colour. Also, Brett whiteley used texture like his hair. He has used many different colours but mostly the colour blue.

What kind of style is Brett Whiteley's Self Portrait After Three Bottles of Wine?

non of your bisnes

How do the techniques used on self portrait in the studio contribute to the look of the work?

The techniques used are smoothe, oil paint on canvas and paper this helps make the artwork glisten gives it a softer side. As this was a rough time for artist Brett Whiteley. - bold means key information

What has the author Brett Abbott written?

Brett Abbott has written: 'Edward Weston' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, J. Paul Getty Museum, Photograph collections, Portrait photography

What is the painting of Brett Whiteley famous of?

Brett Whiteley was famous for numerous paintings- particularly his entry 'Self Portrait in the Studio' which won the Archibald prize in 1976. He was again successful in securing the prize in 1978 with his painting 'Art, Life and the Other Thing'. He has also been noted for his controversial piece 'The American Dream' which he created as a result of the anger he felt towards the American society during the Vietnam War.

What was the controversy about Brett Whiteley winning the Archibald prize in 1976?

The controversy surrounding Brett Whiteley's win of the Archibald prize in 1976 stemmed from accusations that his painting, "Self Portrait in the Studio," contained elements that were not painted by the artist himself, specifically the background. Some claimed that the painting violated the rules of the competition. However, Whiteley defended his work, stating that the background was necessary to convey the artist's environment and process. Ultimately, Whiteley was allowed to keep the prize.

What is the meaning to Brett Whiteley's self portrait in the studio?

Like a number of other major paintings of this period inspired principally by Matisse, it exudes a sense of sumptuous living and the liquid presence of the harbor through what Whiteley called 'the ecstasy-like effect of Ultramarine blue'. His tiny, mirrored self-portrait also reflects the tendency of Eastern art to portray man as merely part of a larger landscape. However this painting also hinted at a darker side as Wendy Whiteley explained in 1995: "... he was warning himself and other people watching. It was the cage of his interior, his addiction, the window or a glimpse of possible escape into paradise: the escape from one's psyche." (Australian Art Department, AGNSW, 2000)

What mediums did Brett Whiteley use?

Mostly oil on canvas. Experimented with chalk and charcoal. Also often used a mixed media technique where he would add extra material for more texture. e.g. Small amounts of human hair to a self-portrait.

What is the birth name of George Brett?

George Brett's birth name is George Howard Brett.