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What is called mixed media. He made oil paintings and added other material. One example: Oil, charcoal, plaster, collage, and resin on canvas. Ink, hair, cloth ...

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Q: What techniques does Brett Whiteley use?
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Brett Whiteley painted an artwork titled 'Your God Your God' what techniques did he use?

He used Realism. :D

What nationality is Brett whiteley?

Brett Whiteley's nationality is Australian.

What techniques did Brett whiteley use in self portrait in the studio?

many techniques were used in his painting "Self Portrait in the Studio". Brett Whiteley, like most artists, often painted with oil paint on canvs. But he often mixed different techniques like for instance oil, paper, graphite and tempera on plywood. The types of mediums used in Brett Whiteley's paintings was mainly oil and the colour blue as he really liked the standing out of the colour. Also, Brett whiteley used texture like his hair. He has used many different colours but mostly the colour blue.

Who was vanessa in brett whiteley's mixed media 1985?

Vanessa was a friend of Brett Whiteley.

Where did Brett Whiteley use Chinese calligraphy?

Whiteley used Chinese calligraphy evidently in his 'Self Portrait in Studio 1976'

Did Brett Whiteley enjoy art in school?

Brett Whiteley did enjoy art in school that's why he became an artist

Where did Brett Whiteley grow up?

Brett Whiteley grew up in Longueville New South Wales Australia

Where was Brett whiteley born?

in Alaska

What are Brett Whiteley's famous paintings?

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Brett Whiteley Opera House?

Brett Whiteley is known for painting a picture of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. He painted it in the year 1982.

Where did Brett whiteley live?

he lived in sydney

What subject matter did Brett Whiteley paint?

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