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Q: What type of artist is Andy Goldworthy?
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Is And Goldworthy still allive?

If you mean Andy Goldsworthy the answer is yes, he is alive.

What artists made contributions to modern American art?

Picasso, Robert Smithsons, Andy Goldworthy, Bridget Rilley,

When was Rowan leaves with Hole created by Andy Goldworthy?

He first created Rowan Leaves & Hole in 25th of October 2008.

What type of printmaking was used extensively by the artist Andy warhol?

Screen printing.

When was Andy Collins - artist - born?

Andy Collins - artist - was born in 1971.

What sort of artist was Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol was a famous pop artist using bright colours

Was Andy Warhol and abstract artist?

no ,he was a pop artist.

Is Andy Goldsworthy a 3D artist?


When did Andy warhol become and artist?


Who was the artist of Lavender Marilyn?

Andy Warhole

What was Andy Warhol's main career?


What did Andy Warhol do after graduating?

a commercial artist