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In 1946.

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Q: When was Grandma Moses painting 'Out for the Christmas Tree' painted?
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Grandma Moses what schooling she went to?

Painting-wise, none! She painted what she knew. And also, learn English.

Who did the actual painting of Grandma Moses?

Grandma Moses did, who else?

What medium was used in grandma moses painting "waiting for chritmas"?

Waiting for Christmas' was created in 1960 by Grandma Moses in Naïve Art (Primitivism) style. Find more prominent pieces of genre painting at ...

When did Grandma Moses paint a beautiful world?

Grandma Moses painted a beautiful world in 1948.

Did Grandma Moses ever sign her paintings G MOSES?

Yes, she is featured in his painting called "The Christmas Homecoming."Saturday Evening Post December 25, 1948

Grandma Moses Sugaring Off painting when did she paint this picture?

In 1955.

How old was Moses when she began her painting career?

Assuming the question relates to Anna Mary (Grandma) Moses, she began her painting career when she was 70.

Where did Grandma Moses live?

Grandma Moses was born in Greenwich, NY and grew up on a family farm there. Then she married Thomas Moses and moved to Virginia where she had 10 children five of who died at childbirth. She then resettled in Eagle Bridge, NY where she did her first painting. Her house called Mt. Nebo and farm are still there on Grandma Moses Rd. and are owned by Will Moses.

Was Grandma Moses Educated?

No. Grandma Moses was not educated.

How much is Grandma Moses White Christmas print worth?

Whatever someone is willing to pay.

What famous woman painter started painting because her fingers had become too stiff for embroidering?

Grandma Moses

What was grandma moses known for?

what is Grandma Moses known for today