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THere is a museum devoted to his art: Address: Enrique Estrada 102

Col. Sierra de Alica Zacatecas


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Q: Where can I find paintings by Francisco Goitia?
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When did Francisco Goitia die?

Francisco Goitia died on 1960-03-26.

When was Francisco Goitia born?

Francisco Goitia was born on 1882-10-04.

When was Alberto Goitia born?

Alberto Goitia was born in Galicia, in Spain.

What has the author I Goitia written?

I. Goitia has written: 'RESTRICTED THESIS until April 1997'

When was Iñaki Goitia Peña born?

Iñaki Goitia Peña was born on 1982-03-02.

When was Fernando Chueca Goitia born?

Fernando Chueca Goitia was born on May 29, 1911, in Madrid, Spain.

When did Fernando Chueca Goitia die?

Fernando Chueca Goitia died on October 30, 2004, in Madrid, Spain.

Were can you find a picture of Francisco Zurbarán?

There is a Wikipedia site about him, which includes a fair number of his paintings. Click link below!

How many paintings did francisco paint?


What is the Greek word for charm?

γοητεία (goitia).

What was the name of the artist that painted the set of 80 capricho aquatint paintings?

The name of the artist that painted a set of 80 capricho aquatint paintings is Francisco Goya. Francisco Goya was from France and he painted the set of aquatint paintings in 1797 and 1798.

What has the author Noel Allende-Goitia written?

Noel Allende-Goitia has written: 'De Margarita a El Cumbanchero' -- subject(s): Popular music, Music, History and criticism