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Duccio and Cimabue

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Guido da Siena, a Italian Byzantine style artist, lived during the second half of the thirteenth century. He is famously known for his triptych composition, now divided into three locations. The virgin and child with six angels, the first division, is held by the South Domenico church in Siena. The second, a triangular pinnacle, held by the Benedictine convent, also of Siena, depicts the savior with two angels. The third part, with a Latin inscription with Siena's name written, Guido de Senis and dated 1221, although this is believed to be ingenuine by some, the proper date being 1281.

Master of St. Francis, in Italian Maestro di S. Francesco, was an anonymous Byzantine artist with works dating 1260 to 1280. He is famously known for his panels of ten scenes, five of the Passion of Christ and five of the life of St. Francis. The importance of his work is shown with the merging of Italian art and Byzantine style. He painted the Byzantine Iconics with Italian color and ornamental forms.

Margaritone d'Arezzo was known to be a popular artist of his time by the number of art pieces that survive him. Most of his work was signed, however not dated, leaving his work without chronological order. His paintings are held in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC and in the National Gallery in, besides many others in various locations of Arezzo, his birth place.

Coppo di Marco is known for two famous Byzantine pieces. The first is the frescoed St. James Chapel in Pistoria, done in the 1260s. The second, is the Madonna del Bordone which is signed and dated 1261, locate in the Chiesa dei Servi of Siena where he was a prisoner for his part in the Battle of Montaperti.

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Q: Who are 2 famous Byzantine painters?
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