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C Jacques

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Q: Who painted Barbizon - la court de l'auberge Ganne?
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When was the tennis court oath painted?

Jacques did not paint the Tennis Court Oath, it was David

How do you call the shaded part of the basketball court?

The paint or the painted area

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His name was Hobens, but cannot find any info on him.

Who was the artist who painted Anne of Cleaves?

Hans Holbein Jr, court painter to Henry VIII.

Who was the painter who painted Anne of Cleves?

Hans Holbein Jr, court painter to Henry VIII.

Which college had a basketball court with a wood floor inside the entire three-point arc that was painted like a basketball?

i have no idea

Who was Henry VIII's court painter?

The German painter Hans Holbein the Younger.

This Renaissance artist painted her sisters playing chess and was Phillip II's court painter?

im gussing Diego Velázquez prehaps

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It is very simple it means literally means the player is standing in the painted part of the court in front of the basketball hoop

Who was the patron of Velázquez?

Velazques was the pintor del roimeaning the official painter of the King. Philip IV was the patron of Velazquez, but he also painted other people in the court.