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To no king. He supported the revolution.

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Q: Who was Jacques Louis-David a court painter to?
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When did Jacques Vaillant - painter - die?

Jacques Vaillant - painter - died in 1691.

When was Jacques Vaillant - painter - born?

Jacques Vaillant - painter - was born in 1643.

French painter of the enlightenment?

Jacques-Louis David

Who was the leading painter in the French Revolution?

Jacques-Louis David.

Which of these was a Neoclassical painter associated with the French Revolution?

Jacques-Louis David

When did Jacques David - court clerk - die?

Jacques David - court clerk - died in 1726.

Louise Vegee was a court painter for Napoleon?

Louise Vigee leBrun was the court painter for Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

Who was the leading painter of the French revolution?

Jacques-Louis David.

Where did goya work?

He was a court painter to the Spanish Crown and a chronicler of history. (painter and printmaker)

Louis XV court painter?


Who was the painter who painted Anne of Cleves?

Hans Holbein Jr, court painter to Henry VIII.

What Neo-Classical painter became the chief propaganda artist for Napoleon?

Jacques-Louis David