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I am not sure that it is so much a famous theme, more of a popular theme. The theme is one everyone knows, and can sometimes refer to the Mother Mary and Child Jesus.

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Q: Why is the 'mother and child' theme famous?
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Who painted mother and child?

There are many Mother and Child paintings but the most famous was painted by Pablo Picasso.Another answer:Maybe the ones by Raphael are the most famous.When not about the Virgin and Baby Jesus, Mary Cassatt painted many famous mother and child pictures.

What is the theme of monkeys by punyakante?

Deprivation of mother's love and forfeiture of freedom of a child that caused by superstition.

Is there a Famous mother with a famous child?

Yes. everybody knows yes queens and there mothers bakwa and amina

How did Mary Mary become famous?

By making good paintings. Her favorite subject was 'Mother and Child'.

What is setting of ballad of a mother's heart?

"The Ballad of a Mother's Heart" is set in a home where a mother feels a mix of emotions toward her child, ranging from joy and pride to worry and fear for their future. The setting conveys the timeless theme of a mother's unwavering love and sacrifices for her child.

What is the theme of the Japanese folk tale the aged mother?

The theme of the Japanese folktale "The Aged Mother" is the importance of a parent's love and wisdom. It highlights the bond between a mother and her child, as well as the value of experience and guidance that comes with age. The story emphasizes the idea of respect for elders and the wisdom they offer.

What is the theme in the story of aged mother?

The theme in "The Story of the Aged Mother" by Matsuo Basho revolves around the importance of respect for one's elders, the wisdom they possess, and the bond between a mother and her child. The story emphasizes the value of listening to the wisdom of older generations and treasuring the love and sacrifices made by parents.

What is the theme in The Aged Mother?

The theme in "The Aged Mother" revolves around the importance of respect for elderly individuals, the wisdom that comes with age, and the relationship between a parent and child. It highlights the value of tradition, the power of love and sacrifice, and the beauty of nature.

What are the theme of the story of the aged mother?

The themes of "The Story of the Aged Mother" include the importance of wisdom, love between a mother and child, the value of tradition, and the strength found in nature. The story highlights the wisdom that comes with age and experience, as well as the power of a mother's love to guide and protect her child.

Why was Mother Jones important?

"Mother" Jones was nationally famous for bringing to the public attention issues such as forced child labor and worker safety. She helped bring about child labor laws and she helped in making the work environment safer.

What is the theme for I Sing the Body Electric?

I Sing the Body Electric was a book of short stories by Ray Bradbury. The title story was about a child that had a grandmother that was a android who took care of the family after the mother died. The theme is love of family.

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The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.