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The Senate!

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Q: Actions by which body resulted in the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire?
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Who was first the roman republic the roman empire or the athenian democracy and in what order?

Athenian democracy, Roman Republic, Roman Empire

How were the political systems of the Roman empire and the Roman republic different?

the Empire was virtually a Dictatorship and the republic was a democracy

Who is military and political leader who transformed the roman republic into a empire?

Julius Caesar is the military leader and the dictator who transformed the roman republic into an roman empire. He assumed total power after transforming the republic into the empire.

What ended first the Roman empire or the Roman republic?

The Roman Republic was ended by the takeover of the senate by Ceaser. He essentially became the supreme ruler, or emporer. So essentially, the Roman Republic was replaced by the Roman Empire.

How did the Roman republic become the Roman empire and the holy Roman empire?

The Holy Roman Empire had nothing to do with the Romans. It was a medieval institution centred around Germany. The Roman republic became an empire by expansion both before and after the Punic wars.

Was the Roman Republic part of the Roman Empire?


Was Julius Caesar dictator en perpetua of the Roman Republic the Roman Empire or the Western Roman Empire?

During Caesar's lifetime Rome was still a republic.

What are the dates for the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire?

Roman Republic 4xx to 28 BCE. Roman Empire 28 BCE to 476 CE, however the Byzantine Empire in the east continued until 1453 CE.

What is one fact about the Roman empire?

The Roman Republic preceded it.

Which Roman era lasted the longest the Roman monarchy the Roman Republic the Western Roman Empire or the Byzantine Empire?

The Byzantine Empire lasted for a millennium.

What is the difference between Roman public and Roman empire?

There really is no major difference. The Roman Empire was the empire itself, lasting from 27 BCE-476 AD (1453 for the Eastern half, which came to be the Byzantine Empire). In the beginning the Roman empire was an autocracy, headed by emperors. It then later turned into a republic, which is when people use the term Roman Republic or Republic of Rome. This is actually where the modern day type of republic comes from, Rome.

What resulted in the fall of the Roman Empire?

The mass movement of peoples from Eurasia into the Empire overwhelmed the Roman ability to retain control.