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Athenian democracy, Roman Republic, Roman Empire

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Q: Who was first the roman republic the roman empire or the athenian democracy and in what order?
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What nation or empire lasted for the longest time?

Britsh Empire was the biggest the world has ever seen. Longest i think goes to the Romans. The Ancient Egyptian empire lasted the longest, but it was not the most powerful empire, nor the largest in size. It lasted for over 3000 years. There is some debate as to whether Ancient Egypt could truly be said to be an empire as it did not expand in the sense that later empires did. This remains a matter of considerable debate. Egyptians lasted longest British were the biggest Mongolian had the biggest mainland The Roman empire was most stable, first large-scale democracy and first republic. Best rags-to-riches story ever too. China had the biggest population The Athenian City-state invented democracy but was always tiny. Sumerian City-states were the first civilization ever.

When were Romans first alive?

The Roman Empire existed from 27 BC - 476 AD in the West and285-1453 AD in the East. The Roman Republic predated the Roman Empire by about 500 years.

What was the roman republic wrecked by?

Julius Caesar overthrew he senate and started the Roman Empire. Augustus Caesar, Julius' grand-nephew, was the first emperor.

What is the differences between the Roman republic and the Roman empire?

This is a confusing question. First please remember that Rome was already an empire under the republic. What is erroneously called the "Roman empire" is the Principate. The government of the republic was by popular election while the government of the principate was by appointment. Both forms of government used the senate as a consulting body.

What problems did the roman republic face?

Ancient Greeks faced problems of many kinds in their effort to survive and to thrive. Natural hardships such as disease, famine, and weather vicissitudes had to be faced. Competition from their neighbors within Greek civilization (rival city-states and alliances) as well as overseas threats from the aggressive empire of Persia were other problems.

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What civilization had the first known republic?

The first recorded Democracy was found in Ancient Greece and in particular the Athenian Democracy [Αθηναϊκή Δημοκρατία]

what city state had the first democracy?

No empire established democracy. The first instance of democracy was in the city-state of ancient Athens, which was a republic. Since democracy means rule by the people, the terms democracy and empire are a dichotomy.

What is an Example of a republic?

RomeThe Democratic Rebublic of CongoUSA.... Afghanistan...... Albania............Greece

What were the three goals Athens and Pericles wanted to accomplish?

Pericles had three goals for Athens. The first was to strengthen democracy. The second was to expand the empire. The third was to beautify Athens.

What was the worlds first democracy?

Athenian democracy in Ancient Greece. But that democracy only concerned free Athenian adult male citizens, not children, not women, not slaves, not foreigners. Sounds like a good democracy for me.

Who introduced the system of ostracism?

Ostracism appears to first have been used by the Athenian democracy.

What country had the first republic?

The first 'city-state' republic was Vaisali, in India, sometime around 700-300 BCE. The oldest 'surviving city-state' republic is San Marino. It declared independence of the Roman Empire on 3 September 301. The first 'full-fledged country' that became a republic was the Dutch Republic (the Netherlands), that declared its independence from King Philip II of Spain on 26 July 1581. The Dutch Act of Abjuration was probably influenced by the Magna Carta, an English charter from 1215. In turn, the Act of Abjuration arguably influenced the United States Declaration of Independence, making it (the first modern?) republic on July 4, 1776.

Why was Athenian democracy so groundbreaking?

The athenian democracy was the first known democracy in written history. From this new political climate arose new ideas that are still used today such as the separation of religion from government. Such a political environment allowed historical writings, science, free thinking and philosophy to flourish.

What were the main features of Athenian democracy according to Pericles?

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Which was the first Asian country to gain democracy?

Republic of China

What culture had the first democracy?

Ancient Greece is usually accredited with forming the first democracy, and Ancient Rome is known for having the first republic.

Was Rome always an empire?

No, first it was a city, then a Republic, then a Empire, and then it collasped.