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Things varied with time an place, but in England, the general usage was that if a village got to the point that it had a person who was a permanent officer, such as a mayor, then it was no longer a village, but a town. That being the case, English villages did not have mayors.

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Q: Did medieval villages have mayors
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What was life like in medieval villages?

Grim, smelly, overrun with rats, no sanitation, muddy streets, completely foul, and cities and towns were not a lot better.

Were medieval villages small?

Medieval villages were settlements big enough to support a church. The population of such a place might typically have been around 200 to 500 people. A village would often have a baker, a miller (who might also have been the baker), a blacksmith, and other people engaged in crafts, but would not have a market, because having a permanent market required a charter, which would make the village into a town.

How did barbarian tribes of Europe influence medieval society?

they raised dogs named judith and ate them when the dogs contracted rabies

What was the heart of medieval economy?

The medieval economy is driven by farming, and wealth was generally tied to the control of land. This type of economy is known as an agrarian economy. It is estimated that around 90% of the population lived in small villages and engaged primarily in activities such as farming, raising animals, gardening, tending orchards, and to a lesser extent fishing.

In the medieval times Why did villages spend all of their lives in the same village?

Travel was by foot for the residents of a village. The Lord of the Manor would be the only one with access to horses. Some of the villagers and local farmers would travel to neighbhouring villages on market days for trade, but travel generally was limited. This is how local accents came about in places like the UK. Each village had their own form of the language because of the isolation.

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How did medieval villages get entertainment?

they did something

Who ruled medieval villages?


Who is Canada's mayer?

We don't have a mayor, we have a Prime Minister. Only Towns, Cities and villages have Mayors.

What are facts about medieval villages?

The girls were dresses!

Did medieval traders visit medieval village's?

Medieval traders often visited villages, as they had to pass through them in their travels. They were allowed to trade in the villages at any time, but they were especially attracted to the villages when fairs were going on, because the fairs also attracted other traders and people who would buy their goods.

How did medieval village organised?

Medieval lands and villages were organised by the staff of the Lord or Baron of each manor

Were bakers popular in medieval villages?

Bread was a primary staple.

What was not in the medieval manor?

Cities and towns were not normally in manors. Villages could be.

Why were many medieval villages next to rivers?

because they wouldnt run out of water

Why did people need castles in the medieval times?

to try to protect a village or villages

How did medieval villages spend their year?

they spent there year farming and giving things to the cherch

In the Medieval Times where there friendly villages?

Yes, there were friendly villages in the Middle Ages. I think places where everyone was unfriendly would have been very much an exception.