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YES! artists were paid greatly! and by middle ages you mean Renniasance, and durning that time ( 1350-1600 ) it was the time of humanist ( the redicovery and interest in old artwork and discovering more about new artwork.) if you were a artist and good work you were famous, most likey had a nice house with all the new accomdations such as glass windows,better beds, ect, But you have to remember, their amount of pay was probably only 15$ comparing it to current day or possibly less, now that's nothing, you can barlie by anything with 15$ but back then that would have been enough to buy million of $ houses! imagien, look in your wallet, 10 $ bills, 20 maybe even 50... and loose change, most likey if your wallet contains 20$ you would have been able to buy a huge house therefor making you a upper class, not nessislary the king but depending on your gender a noble, or preist. But on the other hand, if you have over 100 , back then, most likey you would have had pretty good chance of being king! i hope this helped alittle more about understanding :)

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Q: Did middle age artists get paid well?
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