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Portray the spiritual world

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What was the main purpose of Roman art

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Q: During the middle ages the primary purpose of western art was?
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During the Middle Ages the primary purpose of Western art was to?

portray the spiritual world

Who was the primary government during the Middle Ages?

Feudalism and feudal monarchies where the primary form of government during the middle ages.

What was the major religion in western Europe during the middle ages?

The major religion in western Europe during the Middle Ages was Christianity, usually a form of Roman Catholicism.

What were the basic scales of western music during the middle ages?


A primary purpose for building the Suez canal was to?

Increase trade between the middle east, Europe, and Asia.

The strongest invaders to attack western Europe during the Middle Ages were the?


The strongest invaders to attack western Europe during the Middle Ages were the .?


Who were the western Europeans most influenced by during the middle ages?

The Catholic church

What did Japan have in common with Western European during the Middle Ages?

Japan and Western Europe Had Your Mom In Common During The Middle Ages... If You Would Like The Real Answer, Please... Try To Use Google. Hope I Helped.!

Who united western Europe during middle ages?

Western Europe was already united in the middle ages (1000-1300), but if you're looking for who united the continent during the Medieval Era in 800 that would Charlemagne.

Who was the most powerful leader in western Europe during the middle ages?

emperor of France

What was the main occupation of people during medieval times?

Mercantile was the primary occupation along with farming during the the Middle Ages.

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