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There was a huge variation in how princes were raised. Remember, the Middle Ages were times of great changes, they lasted a hundred years, and they happened in a large land mass. Not only that, but different kings had very different ideas about how their sons should be raised.Some princes were raised with the idea that they should be able to rule, and they were taught about laws and diplomacy. Some younger sons were intended for the Church and were taught literacy and theology. Many were taught to be lords of high standing, and were taught military matters. Some were spoiled badly.

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The barons were at a level of nobility above that of knights. A knight had to have an estate that could support him well enough to have war horses and be able to buy armor. The baron was below the level of an earl (count), who was the highest lord in a county. The baron was at the lowest rank with a right to be a member of the House of Lords, but that still made him one of the most important of the lords.

A baron would have had an extensive estate or estates. Typically, the baron had a very fine manor house, and possibly owned a number of villages or even towns, though nothing approaching the size of a county. He had duties to the king, but was pretty much able to do as he liked otherwise. The management of the estates was a time consuming job, but was typically handed off to a steward or group of stewards, who, hopefully, needed no more attention that some supervision.

If a baron wanted to spend most of his time hunting, he could very likely do that, or if he wanted to build a new manor house, he could put his attention to that. There were a few people of this level of nobility who devoted their attention to the arts, including a number of troubadours. The things that could impinge on their lives badly were wars, famines, and plagues. Otherwise, they were people who had family lives, planned for the future, went to church, and did the things people do.

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they wear Bras

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Q: How did the prince live in the middle ages?
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