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They were slaves and worked from dawn to sundown, so they had very little free time.

2nd Answer: Serfs were not slaves. They could not be bought or sold, nor could they be forced away from their own land. They did owe labor to their lord, up to two days per week, but outside of this labor obligation they were allowed to organize their time as they saw fit. Most serfs farmed their own land as a primary occupation. Some lacked land holding beyond a house and large garden, and would hire out their labor to others. A few were able to gain enough land holdings that they could afford hired hands for agricultural work, hired replacements for their labor obligations (which was an acceptable procedure provided the work was done), and some even had adequate income to employ a servant or two.

As most serfs made their living by farming there were times when their work burden was very heavy. Major projects such as plowing, planting, harrowing, and harvesting would have been time sensitive and required intensive efforts. Other times of the year the work load was lighter. Serfs did not work on Sundays, apart from basic chores, and the many feast day and religious festivals of the of the Catholic calendar gave breaks from work as well. Some scholars estimate that the peasants actually worked fewer days over the course of the year many workers in modern America.

The peasants would have found ways to entertain themselves in their free time. Archaeological digs have found Musical Instruments such as flutes and pipes in medieval villages. Music and dancing would have been enjoyed. Sports such as wresting, early forms of football, and knife throwing games were popular. Dice games were common, and some Board Games existed as well. The typical village did not have a tavern or inn (this is something that would be found in a town) but villagers would have congregated in a persons home for drinking ale and socializing. Holidays would have brought celebratory meals and community social events.

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Q: How do serfs spend there free time?
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