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There are four courses for the highest ranks, three for the middle class, and one to two for the lowest rank (not including slaves and chefs).

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Q: How many courses were in a medieval banquet?
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How many courses does a medieval banquet have?

There was no fixed number of courses for a medieval banquet. In fact, some banquets went on for two or more days. There is a link below to an article on medieval cuisine which is rather long, but has some more information.

How many people attended a medieval banquet?

Mucha gente

Who would hold a medieval banquet?

a king or queen would hold a medieval banquet at their castle or house

What is sentences of banquet?

Six courses were served at the banquet, which was given in honor of the teachers who were retiring.

What was the main difference between a ancient Greek banquet and an ancient Roman banquet?

The main difference between an Ancient Greek banquet and an Ancient Roman banquet was the number of courses served.

What is a banquete?

A banqueter is a person who engages in a banquet.

What food group was not included in the medieval banquet?


How many can sit at a 6' Banquet Table?

It depends on whether it is round, oval or rectangular; how many courses you are serving (how many dishes on the table) and how large your guests are.

What vegetables would be served at a medieval banquet?

pumpkins and sweet potatoes basically roots:)

Where can you get a medieval banquet in Cumbria in the UK?

Doesn't look like you can, I've looked everywhere.

What were roman banquet courses?

The courses were: gustatio, the first course or hors d'oeuvre, the prima mensa the main course and the secunda mensa, dessert

How many syllables in banquet?

Banquet has two syllables.