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protection, peace, security

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Q: The lord had to promise his vassals three things They were?
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What was the term made for people who surrendered their land to a lord in return for protection by the lord?

The term for people who surrendered their land to a lord in return for protection was "vassal." Vassals would promise loyalty and military service to the lord in exchange for the use of the land.

Who did the vassals eventually become and how did they support themselves?

Vassals could receive more land from the lord and if they were rich enough, vassals could become a lord to other vassals. Feudalism could become confusing.

Why did vassals have to serve lords?

Vassals had to serve lords because the vassals promised to serve a lord in exchange for land.

How many vassals could a lord have?


What is a medieval lord called?

A Medieval Lord was simply known as LORD, YOUR LIEGE, or YOUR HONOR. The rank below a Lord was vassals, below vassals were serfs, which is the lowest position. Also he could be known as Sire.

What class of people swore loyalty to a lord?


Why was land the most important gift a lord could give a vassal?

Lords granted lands to vassals because they had a lot of land and needed men to fight in their armies. They also couldn't manage their land alone. As a solution, a lord would give land to vassals in exchange for the vassals agreeing to fight in his army. The vassals would have peasants and serfs work their land.

Why did vassals have to server lords?

Vassals served lords in exchange for protection and land rights. In the feudal system, vassals pledged loyalty and military service to their lords in return for the lord's support and the ability to use and cultivate land on the lord's estate.

What was one pormsie vassals made to their lord in the feudal contract?

The lords promised to give their vassals protection and fiefs, or estates.

What did vassals promise to a lord under feudalism?

Vassals were people kept in a state of perpetual slavery and as a tenant he had sworn homage to his lord in return for a holding of land. However, a vassal could also mean someone who had sworn allegience to his monarch with military support and for mutual protection, so like was a lot easier. It just depended on your social position in life

The ceremony in which men became vassals to their lord was called?


What was the lord of the manors primary duty?

To protect his vassals and their land