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because of what they got like the lord had to protect the vassal

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Q: Why did men choose to become vassals?
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Who did the vassals eventually become and how did they support themselves?

Vassals could receive more land from the lord and if they were rich enough, vassals could become a lord to other vassals. Feudalism could become confusing.

Was A ceremony where men become vassals in a lords manor?


The ceremony in which men became vassals to their lord was called?


Why was land the most important gift a lord could give a vassal?

Lords granted lands to vassals because they had a lot of land and needed men to fight in their armies. They also couldn't manage their land alone. As a solution, a lord would give land to vassals in exchange for the vassals agreeing to fight in his army. The vassals would have peasants and serfs work their land.

Dutch become vassals of the kingdom of Java in the 1620's?

Yes it does become a vassal of the java kingdom.

Why did lords need vassals?

To control his men in battle and to help manage his estates at home. These men needed to be loyal to him, especially in battle.

Who are Beowulfs vassals?

Beowulf's loyal vassals were a group of fellow warriors who served under him and supported him in his quests and battles. Some of his most notable vassals included Wiglaf, a young warrior who showed great bravery and loyalty by assisting Beowulf in his final battle against the dragon.

How could vassals become a lord?

through a ceremony called the "Kiss and Peace" ceremony.

What's the main reason men become sterile?

The main reason men become sterile is the cause of a low sperm count. One could also choose to become sterile and have a vasectomy so as to not have any more children.

Who do vassals have power over?

Vassals were loyal to the person(s) above them. Therefore a king may have a vassal who may have other vassals loyal to him. A vassal has power over his serfs, or his vassals. Also the vassals have power over the peasents.

Why did vassals have to serve lords?

Vassals had to serve lords because the vassals promised to serve a lord in exchange for land.

What is the plural of vassal?

The plural of vassal is vassals. As in "our vassals have sent us gifts of silk".