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Q: What Kitchen seasoning was used to pay roman soldiers?
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How is salt used in the kitchen?

It's used as a seasoning - and flavour enhancer.

What is a roman soldiers sword used for?

Ancient Roman swords were used for protecting roman empires and the roman empire is the one that used them.....

How do you Roman soldiers were used to fighting?

They used guns and bombs and weapons.

Did roman soldiers use cobwebs to bandage their wounds?

Of course they did not. They used linen bandages.

What is the seasoning used on Bob Evans potatoes?

Lawry's seasoning salt and buttery oil.

What season is the mosst commonly used seasoning today?

The most commonly used seasoning used in cooking is salt. Salt and Pepper are used together usually.

What happened to Carthage when they were defeated?

The people were sold into slavery, and it was used to settle retired Roman soldiers.

What was the Roman philosophy of soldiers and their land?

hey used help from other countries for thei wars

What was 3 of the roman soldiers duties?

Three of a Roman soldier's many duties were to obey orders, train and dig. It is said that the Roman army used their digging tools more often than they used their swords.

What are the types of timber used in seasoning?

As fresh timber which is obtained from trees contains about 30 to 40 % sap or moisture. This sap is very harmful for the life of a timber. Therefore, it is necessary to remove that sap by applying some special methods. All those methods which are used for removing the sap from timber are collectively termed as seasoning of timber. Types of Timber Seasoning: The main types of timber seasoning are as under. (1)Natural Seasoning, (2)Artificial Seasoning, (a) Kiln Seasoning, (b) Chemical Seasoning, (c) Electric Seasoning, (3) Water Seasoning

What is bath seasoning used for?

Bath seasoning is used for a deep cleansing of skin and to relax and nourish the nerves, also it is sometimes used to have a soothing and fragrant bath.

What supplies did the Roman soldiers use?

there used spears and javelin and swords and some times bow arrows