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They could play many instruments. They could be blacksmiths. They could be Lords. They could be jailers. They could be knights or squires.

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Q: What are some talents medieval people had?
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People were willing to pay the bards for their talents?

In medieval and colonial times, people welcomed bards who came to tell stories and sing songs. There was little else for entertainment.

Who were some important people of medieval Africa?

Some of the important people of medieval Africa include Sunni Ali, Karl Mauch, and Mutota. Some of these people were modern explorers who discovered ruins of medieval African villages.

What were medieval towns vehicles?

Some medieval towns transportations were wagons or carriages. Some people just walked.

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Who were some medieval beadles?

who were some medieval beadles

What faith did the medieval people believe in?

They were generally Catholic, some Muslim, and Jewish.

Were medieval lords happy?

Just like people in othe times and places, medieval lords were happy and some times and unhappy at others.

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The people of medieval Ghana were Islam.