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At the end if the Middle Ages, the strongest countries in Western Europe were probably England, France, and Spain. In Eastern Europe, the strongest was the Ottoman Empire, though much of it was in Asia.

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Q: What countries came out of the middle ages in the strongest position?
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What was the strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages?

The strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages was the Church.

Who was the strongest and most determined pope of the middle ages?

Innocent III

How was the position of the church in the Middle Ages?

The Catholic church was the "state" and ruled the society of the middle ages.

What was the strongest mineral in the middle ages?

I have been thinking about this and I think granite would be the strongest mineral used in this time.

The strongest invaders to attack western Europe during the Middle Ages were the .?


Why do you think that one group won in the middle ages?

There wasn't a "winning group" in the middle ages. The strongest took the power, as they always do, and everyone falls into place.

Did slavery start in the middle ages in Islamic countries?


Who was the strongest at the beginning of the early middle ages the Byzantine Empire or the kingdom of the Franks?

kingdom of the Franks

What is the second most powerful position during the middle ages?


What was life like for the Jews in Europe in the Middle Ages?

Precarious in many countries.

What did the Middle Ages do?

It was the time when many European countries were forged such as England and France.

What was the role of queens in the medieval times?

medieval times queens position at middle ages.