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to create peace.

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Q: What did Augustus ask the Roman writers and artists to do?
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How did the roman tighten their control over judea in AD 6?

The emperor Augustus annexed Judea to the Roman Empire in 6 AD (two years after the death of king Herod the Great) not because he wanted to tighten control over Judea, but because the Judeans had asked him to do so. Prior to this, Judea was client kingdom of Rome (a kingdom which was independent, but subordinated to Rome). Herod's Kingdom of Judea was wider than Judea. Augustus was in good term with Herod and let him rule as he saw fit, even though his rule was tyrannical and he was held in contempt by this people. Herod had made six wills in this life. In the fifth will, Herod had named his youngest son Herod Antipas as his heir. Just before he died, and during a fatal illness, Herod changed his will again and made Antipas' elder brother, Herod Archelaus, king of Judea, Idumea and Samaria and gave Antipas Galilee and Perea with the lesser title of tetrarch (ruler of a quarter). Their half-brother Herod Philip II was given the Golan Heights and areas to the east of the River Jordan. Since Judea was a Roman client kingdom Herod's will had to be ratified by the emperor Augustus. Antipas claimed that the sixth will was not valid due to Herod's ill health and argued that he should have the whole kingdom. His brothers wanted the final will to be honoured. The brothers went to Rome to present the dispute to Augustus, who upheld the final will, but, as a compromise, made Archelaus an ethnarch (leader of an ethnic group, a lesser title) instead of a king. Archelaus violently suppressed a protest, killing 3,000 people. A delegation of Jews went to Rome to ask Augustus to depose Archelaus. Since many people were fed up with the tyrannical Herodian dynasty, there were requests for Rome to take over. Augustus annexed Judea to the Roman Empire and turned into a province under the oversight of the governor of Syria.

What was the most powerful governing body in the Roman Republic?

The people that have that kind of power was the senate which at the time had basic control over everything since they did all the voting. except when ceasr was in power he gave himself absolute power over everyone and did everything that he wanted. But when he had been killed his adopted son went into to the leadership roll who was Augustus but he didn't want to make the same mistake his father made so he did what the senate wanted him to do which made them give him complete power but he did not ask for this he just waited for them to give it to him. So yes the senate has all of the power in Rome if you go by this.

Why did the Romans build the Pantheon?

The original purpose for the Pantheon was to honor the Roman gods this is known for several reasons. The Roman gods are named after the seven planets that were familiar to the Romans. There are seven niches in the walls of the Pantheon where the statues of the seven gods were probably placed. The shape of the building is not by coincidence either. The orbs of the planets probably inspired the cylindrical shape of the building. During the medieval period the pantheon was turned into a Christian church. During the Renaissance the Pantheon was converted into a tomb and that is what remained to this day.

Who was the best Roman Emperor?

There have been many Emperors through the ages, including the Emperors of Rome, the Chinese and Japanese Emperors, and the Emperors of Africa, France, Britain, Bulgaria, Germany, India and Russia.Indian Emperor, Ashoka the Great (304 BCE - 232 BCE) is often cited as the world's greatest emperor of all time.Of course, we need to ask, 'By what criteria should we define greatness?', and, 'What does 'Emperor' mean?' If Emperor means an absolute monarch of an empire, then maybe we should take a wider view of the question, and consider who was/is the greatest ruler of all time?Which ever ways we approach the question, opinions will doubtless differ. With regard to our present time, there are no Emperors alive today except Japan's Emperor Akihito (1933- )For more information, see 'Related links' below this box.----

What kind of blood sports did roman empire have?

Gladiatorial combat; animal baiting;hi paul the gladitorial fights in the colesseum as well as venationes(beast fights), Naumachia (naval sea battles) which were also held in the arena.

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What did Augustus ask the writers and artist to do?

to create peace.

Who laid the foundation for a new system of government in the roman empire?

There were two new systems of government in ancient Rome: the Roman Republic which followed by Roman monarchy and the rule by emperors which followed the Republic. The foundations of the Republic were laid by Lucius Junius Brutus and the foundations of rule by emperors were laid by Augustus.

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