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They were like landlords (sort of). The peasants harvested food and cultivated the land, then they gave it to their lord (aka Barons) as tax. The Barons also provided protection against barbarian invasion with his knights. In the feudal pyramid, king and queen first, then barons along with the church, the knights then finally the peasants.

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The barons provied land for the knights and the knight protected the barons and peasants

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Q: What did Barons do in the middle ages?
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How did trading work in the middle ages?

The barons

What did the barons and knights do in the middle ages?

the Barons gave land to the knights. and the knights gave land to serfs

What jobs did rich people do in the middle ages?

watch the servants as they worked and had jobs as knights,Barons and lords.

What were a knights duties in the Middle Ages?

At first it was to protect farmers from invasions and later it was to protect the lords ( or barons ) land.

Who would live in a motte and bailey castle?

not very often now but in the middle ages barons did along with his soldiers, servants, jokers, cooks etc.

What is the period in Europe between AD 500 and 1500 known as?

The period of time from 500 AD to 1500 AD is called the Middle Ages.

What was a explorers in a Middle Ages?

There was no explorers in the middle ages. When exploration started that is when the middle ages ended.

What was the barons role in medieval times?

they are the middle class in the chain

What is the third period of the middle ages called?

The third period of the Middle Ages was the Late Middle Ages. The first is called the Early Middle Ages or the Dark Age. The second period was the High Middle Ages.

What time was the middle ages?

Early Middle Ages 400 - 700, High Middle Ages 700 - 1300, Late Middle Ages 1300 -1500.

What vegetables did the Middle Ages people have?

Well, it depends. Middle Age peasants ate differently from Middle Age nobles or barons, and they usually ate differently from Kings and Queens, so it's hard to give you a straight answer, but they all ate things such as Potatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Cabbage etc.

Was a page from the Middle Ages or renaissance?

Middle ages