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i think im not sure but i think he was the one who wanted and did gain control of jeuruslam

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Q: What did Norman control in the middle ages?
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What significantly limited the power of english kings in the middle ages?

norman conquest

Beginning of Middle Ages is the end of what?

The end of the Roman empire up to the Norman invasion of England in 1066 is the period known as the Dark Ages. The end of the Dark Ages is often counted as the beginning of the Middle Ages in British History.

What did they do in the middle ages for pest control?

they didn't have any thing for pest control

How did the church control the contary in the middle ages?

They gave away land

How did people in the middle ages control their home's temperature?

They didn't nature did

Who had the finest bureaucracy and the most effective government during the Dark Ages and most of the Middle Ages in Europe?

Saxon England, prior to the Norman Conquest (1066) was noted for having an exceptionally well-organised government system, which was effective in taxation, and beauraeucratic organisation. The system remained in place following the Norman Conquest, and was updated and modernised several times through the middle ages.

What two groups fought control of Europe in middle ages?

Christians and Muslims !

What two groups fought for control of Europe in the Middle Ages?

Christian and Muslim

Who originally had control of the towns in the middle ages?

The Landowners/Kings or tghey're baylifs

In the middle ages which two religions fought for the control of Spain?

muslim and catholics

What two groups fought the control of Europe in the middle ages?

Christian and Muslim

What was literature in the Middle Ages impacted by?

Christianity, increase of population in cities, and the Norman conquest of England in 1066 A.D.