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1st AnswerEveryone no matter rank wore woolen tunics and under garments of linen, but the nobles clothing was of better materials, brighter colors, and may have decorations on it. Fur was often used to line the garments and jewelry was lavish. Much of it was imported. Towards the end of the middle ages men of wealthy classes sported hose and a jacket often with pleating or skirting or tunic with a surcoat. Women wore long gowns and elaborate head wear ranging from headdresses shaped like hearts or butterflies to tall steeple caps and Italian turbans. 2nd AnswerHose were considered the height of fashion as early as 1200's, not just the end of the period in question.

Nobility tried to emulate the King and Queen - the Royal couple were the trend setters. Like the King and Queen, nobility would not have worn what the peasant class did, or rather the peasant class would not have been allowed to wear what the upper classes wore. That would have been unacceptable. As well, the Sumptuary Laws in England, (and customs in other countries) dictated what certain classes could not wear. For example lower classes could not wear a veil, that was strictly for upper class women. Velvet, satin sable and ermine were only worn by nobility. And the type of head dress a person wore was an indication of their status in society.

Fashions changed with time, becoming more elaborate towards the end of the period we refer to as the Middle Ages. There was no one specific style for the Middle Ages. In the early years of the Middle Ages upper class men and women dressed in a style similar to the Late Roman Empire. As time progressed they moved away from this to more elaborate headcoverings (whimples, veils etc), hats and embroidered finery and ruffs and fancy collars.

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Everyone no matter rank wore woolen tunics with linen under garments. The wealthy had better materials, some lined in fur, and richer decorations. Jewelry was lavish, but knights weren't allowed to wear rings. Towards the end of the middle ages men of the wealthy classes sported hose and jacket often with pleating or skirting. Women wore long gowns and elaborate head wear ranging from headdresses shaped like hearts or butterflies to a tall steeple cap or an Italian turban.

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There was a lot of variation in the fashions of rich women in the Middle Ages. It was a time that lasted about 1000 years and covered a continent.

In the West, during the first half or two thirds of the Middle Ages, most women were dressed simply in brown colored or black clothing most of the time. Most men were dressed the same way. When colors came into fashion, they hit men's fashions first. There was even a philosophical commentary on the fact that female humans were rightfully similar to all other females of all other species, less brightly colored than the males; male Robins have red breasts, and female are all brown, so it follows that women should also wear brown clothing.

Of course there were always women who wore bright clothing and jewelry in Constantinople. But the people in the West thought this was outlandish.

Later, people got more into colors and fabrics. People began to look like the jokers in decks of cards. Finally the women were as colorful as the men.

There are some pretty good web sites on medieval clothing. I have left a link below.

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were expected to bear and raise many childeren

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Q: What did medieval nobles wear?
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