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Heck! I dont know what serfs do! That's why I asked this thing!!! Heck! I dont know what serfs do! That's why I asked this thing!!!

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they farmed :)

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Q: What did the peasants and serfs do in the medieval times?
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In a medieval village who had the least power?

The SERFS, followed by the peasants.

What was the lowest class in medieval Europe?

Serfs and Peasants

Who farmed the land of the knights nobles and kings in the medieval ages?

The peasants or serfs did the farming

What role did a serf play in society?

Medieval SerfsA medieval village or manor usually contained several classes of laborers, consisting of Medieval Serfs and peasants. There might be a number of freemen, who paid a fixed rent, either in money or produce, for the use of their land. Then there were Medieval Serfs who laboured in the lord's household or at work on his domain. Most of the peasants were Medieval Serfs or villeins. The other labourers were called Cottagers or small holders. Under feudalism the lords and nobles of the land had certain rights over Medieval Serfs and Peasants which included the right of jurisdiction, which gave judicial power to the nobles and lords and the right of hunting

What was the name of peasants in medieval England if they were owned by the lord?

They were called serfs. Since they were not slaves, it is not precise to say they were owned by the lord.

Shelter for peasants?

What work did the peasants do in medieval times

Why do serfs and peasants didn't run away in medieval times?

They had no money to travel anyway unless they walked. Were would they head? No matter where they went they still would have been a peasant.

Where did peasants in the medieval times work?

Serfs or peasants did manual work. Most of them worked in the fields and barns of a manor. Some worked in forests, and some worked in mines. A few worked in the kitchens, doing cleaning, driving wagons, and so on.

What did peasants drink in medieval times?

In Medieval Times, pesants drank beer and ale.

Largest part of population in feudal society?

The largest part of the feudal society are either peasants or pages. The kings and queens were usually not popular or anything. My Project Challenge class is learning about this so that's why I answer a lot of Medieval Questions. Hope my answer helped!

What type of houses did medieval dyers live in?

They lived in a small village with other peasants and serfs.

What are the titles in Medieval Times?

knights and peasants