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It refers to the Christian era, beginning with year 1 AD or Anno Domini ("in the year of the Lord"), meaning the supposed first year of Christ's life - this was probably calculated incorrectly, but that makes no difference to the current calendar. Since Christians believe that Christ did not die but was reborn we are now in the year of the Lord 2011, meaning 2,011 years since His birth.

Many other religions calculate dates in different ways, but many non-Christians and atheists happily use the Christian calendar.

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Q: What does In the year of the Lord mean?
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What does ce mean in 200ce?

CE next to a number indicates that the number is a year of either the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar. It stands for Common Era or Christian Era. It was introduced as an alternative to the traditional AD, which stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for In the Year of Our Lord, primarily because many non-Christians use the Gregorian calendar but are not comfortable referring to Jesus as their Lord. Also, just as BC, which stands for Before Christ, is used in conjunction with AD to indicate a year before the year AD 1, BCE, which stands for Before the Common Era or Before the Christian Era, is used in conjunction with CE to indicate a year before the year 1 CE (someone who would not call Jesus their Lord more than likely does not believe that He is the Christ, either).

What does C.E. mean on the timeline?

C.E. replaces A.D. to mean the years after the alleged birth of Jesus. C.E. means "common era". It used to mean "Christian Era" and A.D. meant "Anno Domini" which meant "in the year of our Lord" in Latin. The old terms are considered culturally biased so they were changed to culturally neutral terms.

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What does In Hoc Anno Domini mean in English?

"In this year of our Lord"

What does your lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty two mean?

Some people refer to years as the year of our Lord. 1862 the year of our Lord.

In Italy what does anno domini mean?

Year of our Lord.

What does ad mean in English?

I think it means 'The year of the/our Lord'.

What does the year of our lord mean?

In Latin it is Anno Domini or AD

What does dominies mean?

Domini means "Lord" in Latin. As in, Anno Domini ("Year of our Lord") or, as used when conjugated, Dominus Vobiscum ("The Lord be with you").

What does the year AD mean?

It's latin for "Anno Domini", which means "The Year Of Our Lord".

What does the A in A.D. mean?

Medieval Latin for anno Domini. Meaning in the year of the Lord.

What does ad mean in geography?

A.D. means Anno Domini, which is Latin for "year of our Lord"

What douse 1300 ad mean?

a.d. 1300 means in the year of our Lord 1300.

What does A.D. stand for in our time?

It is the abbreviation for the Latin words "Anno Domini" which translates to English as "Year of our Lord" ("Anno" = "Year", "Domini" = "Lord", the suffixes on those words = "of our"). It can also be considered in English to mean "The Year of Christianity".

What AD mean?

The initials 'ad' are an abbreviation of the Latin term, anno domini - "The year of the Lord. It is also becoming more common to use the modern initials 'ce', which simply mean "common era".