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I dont knoww!

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Q: What does a medieval vassal look like?
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What does a vassal look like?

Look on google images

What does a medieval vassal wear?


Difference between vassal in medieval ages and fief?

A vassal was a person, and a fief was land. A vassal swore allegiance and support to a king, and the king gave the vassal fief to live on.

What was a man called when he pledged his loyalty to another of higher rank in return for land in medieval times?

A vassal

How do you use vassal in a sentence?

A vassal is a serf or peon. Here are some sentences.He was only the vassal of the lord of the manor.You're not the ruler; you're the vassal.She treated me like her vassal.

What were the key duties for a lord in the medieval times in Europe?

to be a vassal for the monarch to provide knights for the monarch to maintain a manor

Who had all the power of manors in the medieval?

The lords of the manor didn't have all the power assuming they were someone's vassal and were Christian.

How did the towns in medieval times look like?


What did the medieval landforms look like?

it looked plain

What did japan look like in medieval times?

the same as now

What did medieval archers look like?

ask yo mama

What did medieval banners look like?

How the heck do you expect me to know?!