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It's called a subinfeudation.

2nd answer: The actual grant of land is called a fief. Subinfeudation is the system in which a noble holding a large fief from a greater lord would divide part of his fief and take on his own vassals.

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The total land given to a nobleman to hold was called an honour (Anglo-Norman French honur, meaning legally-held feudal property or feudal domain).

Each knight's honour was made up of parcels of land spread around an entire country; these might include several manors (Anglo-Norman French manor, maner, manoir, meaning a dwelling, residence or abode), building properties, lands without manors, mills, river rights, fishing rights, woodlands, salt pans, grazing rights, forest (hunting lands) and various other holdings.

The idea of the king spreading each nobleman's land-holdings around the country in this way was to prevent any one man creating a powerbase in any one area.

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I think it was called a vassal. Hope I helped!

The answer I think, if I remember right, is subinfeudation.

good luck with the quiz

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...a Fief.

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Q: What is The lands given to lords and nobles by kings were called?
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What is subinfeudation?

The feudal system was based on permanent heritable land grants in exchange for services. At its origin these services were military services, so the crown (the ultimate landowner) granted large tracts of land to nobles and in exchange the nobles pledged to provide so many knights or footsoldiers in case of war. Those great nobles could grant part of that land to lesser nobles in exchange for a promise of lesser military support, and these in turn made smaller grants until at some point there was a grant to a person (called the freeholder) who actually farmed or lived on the land, and had to provide simple services such as a certain number of days' labour or a certain quantity of grain. These lesser relationships between one who granted land and one who provided services, nested within each other like Russian dolls, were called subinfeudation.

How did the crusades help lead to the creation of modern europes nation states?

the crusades had a major impact on Europeans. goods began to flow more steadily between Europe and the muslin lands. this trade benefited European kings. who taxed the goods that crossed their border. kings also took over land from nobles who left to fight in the crusades. as a result. feudalism gradually withered. and Europe's kingdoms through stronger and larger. many of them later became modern Europe's nation-states.

Why were the nobles important?

they were called patricians

Why did europe become a feudal society?

Feudalism came to dominate political & social life in Western Europe because by the 8th and 9th centuries, central governments, such as the Carolingian Empire could not effectively defend their people from invasions by Norsemen, Magyars, Slavs and Moslems. In addition, weak central governments failed to prevent internal civil wars among various nobles & princes. Nor could they defend their peoples against bandits and others. As a result of this turbulence and insecurity, people turned to local nobles for protection. Kings turned over large tracts of lands to local feudal leaders in return for a pledge of military assistance when needed.

What social and political forces prevented both the Holy Roman Emperors and the French kings from uniting the lands they ruled?

Lack of transportation and disinterest in giving way to the Central Power

Related questions

What were medieval lords?

Medieval lords were the nobles in charge of lands and castles. They owed allegiance to the kings.

What was one result of the Crusades?

Feudalism decreased. Nobles sold land to get money to fight in Crusade; when nobles died, the kings got nobles' lands from nobles and serfs became free if they fought in Crusade/ king gets profit.

Why did nobles become rulers of their own lands?

after charlemange's time, raids on Europe from the north and the east intendified. the frankish kings were unable to to defennd their empire .nobles had to had to defend their own land

What made medieval kings powerful?

Medieval kings were powerful because:taxes were paid to themthey assigned lands to nobles, who then owed then obediencethey commanded large numbers of fighting men when neededthe church said they were appointed by God to be the rulers

Why are kings important?

Because they rule different lands that they are kings for.

Why did many nobles become rulers of their own lands?

Many nobles became rulers of their own lands due to the decentralization of power that occurred in feudal societies. As the central authority weakened, local lords and nobles took advantage of the power vaccum to expand their influence and establish their own territories. Additionally, the inheritance of land and title among nobility often led to the formation of independent fiefdoms over time.

Who did nobles lose power to during the middle ages?

During the A.D. 800s, this shift of power from kings to nobles led to new order known as feudalism. Under feudalism, landowning nobles governed and also protected the people in return for services,such as fighting in a noble's army or farming the lands.

Does the king of the middle ages gave lands to nobles?

The King does give the land to the Nobles so they can help fight to defend the King's land, him and his kingdom (castle).

A large section of land granted by a king to a lord is called a?

Fiefs were portions of lands granted to nobles by the king. The king required loyalty, protection, and service for this land.

Why were nobles important?

Nobles were important because they helped the king to run his lands. They also provided wealth and workers who would in turn help the kingdom as a whole succeed.

What is a group of lands and peoples ruled by Egyptian government called?

Old Kingdom ~ i know ~

Why did the nobles support Henry Bolingbroke in the rebellion against Richard II?

The nobles were afraid that the king might treat them the same way he treated Bolingbroke, by seizing their lands and banishing them.