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The system in which the powerful lords divided their land among lesser lords was called subinfeudation.

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Q: What is a system rule in which powerful lords divided land among lesser lords?
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How did the king get his wealth in the middle ages?

Kings got their wealth from taxes that were paid to them. During most of the Middle Ages, most of the nations of Europe were ruled according to the feudal system. In the feudal system, the king divided his land among nobles (lords). These lords had control over the land that they were given, and they had peasants farm their land (these peasants were serfs). In return for the lord giving the serf protection, shelter, and food, the serf had to farm the lord's land. These crops belonged to the lord, as well as a portion of the crops belonging to anyone else in the lord's territory. These crops made the lord wealthy, and in turn, a portion of them went to the king.

How did the middle ages divide up the land?

In the Middle Ages, the land was divided by the kings among their vassals. At the lowest level, it was divided into manors, which were large farms where peasant families lived. The land of the manors was divided by the lord or by his steward into land reserved for the lord and land to be used by the peasants or serfs. The lord's land included fields where crops were grown for the lord's household, forest, and other park land. The serfs' land was further subdivided into fields held in common and fields reserved for the use of individual serf families. The job of doing this was usually done by a reeve, who was appointed from among the serfs, either by the lord or through election by the serfs themselves. The fields held in common included fallow land, which was usually used for grazing, and crop land where specific crops were raised for common use. The land for the individual serf families was divided into vegetable gardens, pens, and so on.

How did the culture differences among the khanates eventually affect the empire?

How did the cultural differences among the khanates eventually affect the empire

Where did the power of holy Roman Emperor come from?

Charlemagne was a Frankish king who built an Empire, which was divided among his heirs, eventually becoming two nations. The eastern half of the old empire became the Holy Roman Empire. The emperors were at first very powerful men who inherited their power and authority in the same way a king would. Later on, they lost much of their power and were elected to office by a group, usually of seven elector princes, including four of royal status and three bishops.

How was the empire of Charlemagne split?

The custom among the Franks was not that the eldest son became king of all, but that the kingdom was divided among heirs. When Charlemagne became king, he was a co-ruler with his brother Carloman, who died after only a couple years leaving Charlemagne able to rule alone. The problem with this was that when brothers inherited the throne they nearly always fought over which got what territory. And this was the case with the children of Louis the Pious, who was a son of Charlemagne, and who became emperor, and who was the only legitimate son to survive Charlemagne. There sons of Louis the Pious, named Lothair, Louis, Pepin, and Charles, and they fought a long series of wars with each other, starting long before their father died. Eventually, the empire was divided permanently at the Treaty of Verdun in 843, and became the Kingdom of France, and the empire that came to be known as the Holy Roman Empire. This is a highly simplistic version of what happened. There is a link below to an article on the Carolingian Empire, which gives more details.

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