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They used protective suits made of leather with a mask with a long nose full of flowers, coz they belived the plague was caused by bad smells.

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Q: What methods did medieval doctors use to avoid contracting the plague?
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What problems did people face in medieval times?

the black plague

Where are doctors on the middle ages feudal system?

Many of them were not really doctors, but Black Death doctors that went around doing blood lettind while trying to cure the Plague.

What factors contributed to the weakening and the decline of medieval Europe?

Medieval Europe cannot be said to have gone 'into decline' at any point. The only major incident to seriously weaken medieval Europe was the outbreak of the Black Death (the plague) in the 14th century, since this carried off about 150 million people in all; depending on which country in Europe you look at, between 20 and 80 percent of the population

A medieval fever what could kill you in medieval time?

There were a long list of diseases with fever as a symptom that could kill a person in medieval times. Perhaps the best known was the Black Plague, which spread through nearly all of Europe during the period of 1346 to 1352. It kill huge numbers of people, perhaps half the people in Europe. It was so deadly that it changed European society profoundly, contributing the the end of serfdom and, eventually, the medieval era.

Did the plague happen during the middle ages?

There were a number of plagues during the Middle Ages. The one you are asking about is most likely the Black Death, which arrived in Europe in 1347 and went on for five years or so. The Black Death was one of the most important events of the Middle Ages and had a profound effect on society. Another important medieval plagues was the Plague of Justinian, in the 6th century.

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Did they have doctors when the plague started?

Doctors did exist at the time of the medieval black plague, however, they did not know anything about the cause or treatment of the plague, and were useless. Medical science was extremely primitive at that period of history.

What did medieval doctors do to treat pneumonic plague?

They tried to treat the plague by cutting open the skin and letting the blood leak out. They thought that the blood was the reason for the black boils on the skin.

Why did the doctors wear masks during the plague?

the doctors wore the plague mask because the plague was thought to be spread by birds so that when they treated a person with the plague it would be drawn into their garments because the mask was shaped like a bird.

What was the plague of medieval times?

The black plague

Why doctors in Europe so unable to do much to help those people who had become sick with the Black Death?

Medieval doctors did not know about microorganisms, and since they had no idea what caused the Plague, they had no idea as to how to help its victims.

What was the dangers in the medieval times?

It is the Black Death. (Black Plague, or Bubonic Plague)

What is a barber surgeon?

A Barber sugeon is a surgeon from the middle ages. They are trained to amputate body parts and take out teeth. They were used because there weren't enough doctors during the plague. The doctors were decent but the surgeons were worse.

The Black dead in the Medieval times?

The Plague victims

What was constant danger in medieval towns called?


When was the first black plague vaccination?

Medieval Europe.

What led to the decline of medieval towns?

The plague, and wars.

What do medieval times have that we don't have now?

The black plague