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Many of them were not really doctors, but Black Death doctors that went around doing blood lettind while trying to cure the Plague.

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Q: Where are doctors on the middle ages feudal system?
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What a feudal system?

A system of trading loyalties for protectionin the middle ages.

What is a feudal system?

A system of trading loyalties for protectionin the middle ages.

Who started the middle ages feudal system?

king William

Was the feudal system used ALL throughout the middle ages?


What is pawn in the feudal system of the middle ages?

Pawns were definitely not part of the feudal system. They were and still are pieces used in the game of chess.

What was China like in the middle ages?

The government form in China in the middle ages was Dynasties. They were NOT successful.

What responsibilities did the pesents have in the middle ages?

To serve under the feudal system, and grow the crops ect.

Does the feudal system work?

yes it does and it did for many years during the middle ages. some thought manorialism worked even better, but the feudal system was very affective.

What did the Romans learn from the feudal system?

The Romans did not learn anything form the feudal system because this system came about in the middle ages, that is after the fall of the Roman empire and the demise of Roman civilisation.

How do you use the feudal in a sentence?

During the middle ages most societies operated under some form of feudal system.

What is feudal economics?

Feudal economics are simply the economics associated with the decentralized hierarchical system of feudalism, and aspect of the middle ages. They did not differ appreciably from other economics of the middle ages, except that local nobility and bishops often coined their own money.

Is class the system of stratification for feudal societies of the European Middle Ages?

The European Ages used class and estates as a system of stratification for feudal societies. Feudalism had three estates, which were the Church was the first estate, the nobility were the second, and the peasants were the third estate.